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Meet the Cantus 2016-17 Members!

​After four days of auditions, we finally have our line-up for the year here! Welcome guys :)

We celebrated a new year with a new swanky photo shoot, this time in the very (blustery) heart of London! Check out some of our favourite photos below - what do you think?

We obviously followed the photoshoot with a traditional Cantus pub session...

Swanky photoshoots and pub sessions aside, rehearsals are now well underway for our upcoming opening concert of the 2016-17 season where we'll be performing Poulenc's incredible "Figure Humaine" (with some stratospheric top E's for a couple of lucky sopranos...) as well as the lesser known but simply stunning "Messa di Requiem" by Pizzetti.

Tickets are now on sale, so book yours online here to come and see the 2016-17 members in action on 12th November!

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