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“Eye candy as well as ear candy... A really gripping performance!”


—  Ghislaine Morgan

About the choir

Founded by conductor Dominic Brennan in 2011, the Cantus Ensemble is one of London's leading chamber choirs. Drawing its membership primarily from recent university choral scholars and music graduates, the choir performs a wide array of vocal music, ranging from 15th century polyphony to world premieres of new music by leading contemporary composers.


Since its inception, the choir has performed throughout London including Westminster Abbey and The Royal Albert Hall, as well as having travelled to Rome, Barcelona and Slovenia. Under the watchful baton of Dominic, Cantus has evolved into the dynamic and exciting ensemble you hear today.


The choir is also fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with our home church and rehearsal venue, St Gabriel's, Pimlico, where we regularly sing choral Evensong and provide the music for other major feast day services throughout the year.


One of the choir's defining features is its social atmosphere - evident in an extensive and varied social calendar which includes events such as the annual tour abroad, end-of-year AGM and dinner, the eponymous "Cantus Challenge" and activities ranging from go-karting and concert trips to wine tasting and choir meals.

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