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5 Reasons you need to follow Cantus this Winter

Now that it's November, you're probably thinking things should be starting to wind down to prepare for the new year.... Well, for Cantus it's only just begun. The first performance of the 2016-17 season is just around the corner, but so is Christmas! And Christmas means carols. Lots of carols... So here are the 5 key reasons you'll want to follow Cantus this Winter.

1) We're singing some utterly luscious music.

After many hours of rehearsals and late night note crunching, we opened the 2016-17 season with an exciting concert at the stunning St George's, Bloomsbury. We performed the scintillating "Figure Humaine" by Poulenc - listen to a preview of this spectacular piece as performed by Tenebrae below:

We also performed the lesser known but utterly captivating "Messa di Requiem" by Pizzetti. Have a listen to this beautiful sacred piece below, as performed by Coro della Radio Svedese:

This was an enthralling evening of choral music at a seriously beautiful venue - we even had one gentleman fly all the way over from the US to see us perform the Poulenc as it's so rarely performed! This therefore lands firmly at number one for reasons to follow Cantus this winter.

2) We sing carols, and we sing them really, really well.

We're also entering the busy festive season when you or your company might be looking to get an evening of carols & mince pies in the diary. Another key reason to follow us is that we're available to hire for these gigs!

So far, we've sung at Fulham Football Club, Trafalgar Square and the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2 to name a few...! Simply get in touch with us via our contact page and see how you might be able to bring some Cantus Christmas magic to your evening.

Below are a couple of our festive favourites to give you a taste:

3) We go all out for Cantus Christmas, silly hats 'n' all.

Speaking of Christmas... watch out for tickets for the legendary Cantus Christmas concert! Mark December 10th in your diaries for an evening of merry-making, mince pies & dodgy jumpers. Need I say more.

4) We sing pieces of music that are written by unbelievably talented children.

On 4th December, we're heading down to Sevenoaks School in Kent to help run the annual Carol Composition Competition for local schools, as organised by our very own Cantus member and Teacher (and Composer... and Speech writer...the list goes on...) Chris Roe! Donning our traditionally outrageous Christmas jumpers (seriously, you should see Dom's collection...), each year we are always blown away by the incredible musical talent of children from the ages of 7 right through to 18. If this isn't another reason to follow Cantus this Winter, I don't know what is.

The video below gives an overview of this incredible competition and why this was set up in the first place:

5) Because Cantus Challenge.

See below.

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